Thursday, June 13, 2013

For Chapati
Wheat flour -1 cup
Salt -1/2 teaspoon
Water -1/2 cup
Oil -1 teaspoon
For stuffing
Chopped Beetroot -1/2 cup
Chopped Onion -1/4 cup
Ginger -1/4 inch piece
Garlic -4 cloves
Green chilly -1
Fennel seeds -1/4 teaspoon
Salt -1/4 teaspoon
oil -1 teaspoon
Make a soft chapati dough and cover it with a wet cloth so they retain the moisture
Heat a pan and add oil.Add the fennel seeds,chopped ginger,garlic and green chilly,after 1 min add the chopped onion and cook for 1 min
Add the chopped beet root and saute for 1 min.Sprinkle little water and cook for 10 min and add 1/4 teaspoon salt and cool the mixture and grind them to a fine paste
Roll the dough balls and with the help of spoon add a layer of the  beetroot paste over the chapati,roll another chapathi ball and place over the beetroot chapathi
Press them gently at the sides
Heat the tawa and place the stuffed chapati and cook both sides with few drops of oil
Yummy colorful beetroot chapati is ready to serve


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